Headlight Restore Wipes Free Shipping NZ Wide!

How does it work?

Included in the package are:


  • 2 yellow wipes for cleaning, one for each headlight.
  • 1 orange wipe for finishing and coating the UV protection layer, for both headlights.


And that's it!

Enjoy your restored headlights!


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Save money on professional headlight restoration services that can cost a lot more per headlight.

This product allows you to achieve the same result by yourself in less than 2 minutes, and for a fraction of the price.

The result is a long-lasting UV protection layer that keeps your headlights looking brand new and functioning as they should.

Perfectly working headlights keep you and your family safe when driving at night, they maximize the visibility of your car from other drivers' point of view.

No tools required.

Just wipe and done.



Headlight Restore Wipes Free Shipping NZ Wide!

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